Forgotten Tales - Game Manual

0. Get started!

1. Recent Changes

2. Your character

2.1. General info about your character

2.2. General info about classes

2.3. Pets

3. Game interface

3.1.Game screen and picking up items

3.2. Character context menu

3.3. Monster context menu

3.4 Interaction with NPCs and quests

4. Skills and trade affinity

4.1. Woodcutting and mining

4.2. Crafting

4.3. Fishing

4.4. Skills formulas

5. Interaction with other players

5.1. Meaning of name and chat colors

5.2. Chat commands

5.3. Muted players

5.4. PvP (player fighting a player) and outlaws

6. Clans

6.1. Clan ranking

6.2. Clan things to know

6.3. Clan buildings context menu

6.4. Clan buildings and building skill

6.5. Siege skill

7. World map

8. Stats & formulas (advanced)

9. In-game buying

9.1. Pets

9.2. Levels and gold

9.3. Skins and special skins

9.4. PvP protection

9.5.Extra bag

9.6.Bank Expansion

9.7.Items sets

9.8. Private houses

10. Forum and web page

11. Offline version of Forgotten Tales

12. Storyline of Forgotten Tales

0. Get started!

This file provides info on almost any level of knowledge about Forgotten Tales MMORPG.

You do not have to read everything to be able to play the game.

It is highly recommended that you at least read the main game rules, located here: Game Rules post

Translated versions of the game rules are available, but, the English version is always the most up to date, and will take precedence if there's a conflict. If there are differences in your language's version of the rules, and the English version of the rules, the English version will be used. If you notice any major differences like this, you are encouraged to contact a GM so this can be fixed.

If you want information about quests, monsters and items, look here:         


Also, these things and more helpful documents are located in the General Information section of Forgotten Tales forum

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1. Recent changes

2017-August: Update of whole help file.

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2. Your character

Players are represented in game by their characters. Each character has a name, a class, a level and a skin.

The name is given by the player in game registration phase, it is case sensitive, cannot be changed once created, and must respect game rule #10.

The class of your character determines things such as skills and the weapons type, as described in 2.2. General info about classes.

The starting level of each character is 0; it will grow up thanks to experience points gained via enemy killing and quest solving, as well as level buying.

The starting skin of your character is the default one for their class, as shown in 2.2. General info about classes; you can customise characters via buying skins or, at certain level goals, via earning special skins. Special skins may also be earned in other ways, such as contributing to the game. More info is available on forum.

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2.1. General info about your character

At each character level up you receive two stats points you can add to DEX, STR, ARM or (for mages) MANA. Talk to the NPC mage living in map 0.0 to reset your stats, keep in mind he will require to be paid in XP points; this means you will lose any additional XP points you have in your current level, so it is best advised to visit him after a level up.

The attributes STR, ARM, DEX and MANA can be increased by your gear. There are several slots available for gears equipment: headgear, amulets, rings or bracelets, gloves, pants, boots, armor, weapon or wand, shields

A character’s gear slots, all equipped

A character’s gear slots, all equipped

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2.2. General info about classes

A mage characterA fairy character

Uses MANA as primary attribute; can use spells. Wields robes, hats and wands.

You can modify the skin - see in-game buying skins.

For more infos, see SPELLS!                                  

A swordman characterAn amazon character

SWORDMAN, AMAZON. Uses STR and DEX; can only engage enemies within 1 space (unless equipping a 2 range weapon). Wields armors, swords and shields.                                

You can modify the skin - see in-game buying skins.

In PvP, you can throw knives to freeze opponents:                                

A throwable knife You can buy knives in shops.


Obtains these combat skills at higher levels:                                                                                                                                                

Always Hit icon

Always Hit - All attacks are critical hits. (Level 30)

Freeze Sword icon

Freeze Sword - Enemy is immobilised. (Level 60)

Fire Sword icon

Fire Sword - Reduces foe's (current) HP by 40% and your HP by 10%. (Level 100)

An archer characterA huntress character

ARCHER, HUNTRESS. Uses STR and DEX; has ranged attacks. Wields armors and bows.                                   

You can modify the skin - see in-game buying skins.

Obtains these combat skills at higher levels:                                     

Double Attack icon

 Double Attack - Increases attack rate. (Level 30)

Fire Arrow icon

Fire Arrow - Reduces enemy life by 30%. (Level 60)

Freeze Arrow icon

Freeze Arrow. Enemy is immobilised. (Level 100)

A dwarf characterA freya character

DWARF, FREYA. Uses STR and DEX, can only attack enemies within 1 space (unless equipping a 2 range weapon). Wields armors, axes and shields.                         

You can modify the skin - see in-game buying skins.

In PvP, you can throw axes to freeze opponents:                                   

A throwable axe

You can buy axes in shops.                          

Obtains these combat skills at higher levels:

Spell Resist icon

Spell Resist - Spell resistance +50% (Level 30)

Fury icon

Fury - Attack all enemies surrounding you at the same time. (Level 60)

Sprint icon

Sprint - Walking speed +2 (Level 100)

An ogre character

OGRE. Uses STR and DEX, can only attack enemies within 1 space (unless equipping a 2 range weapon). Wields armor, clubs and shields.                               

You can modify the skin - see in-game buying skins.

In PvP, you can throw fish to freeze opponents:

A throwable fish

You can buy fish or get them by fishing.

Obtains these combat skills at higher levels:                                                                                                                                                

Double Damage icon

Double Damage - Increases damage per-hit. (Level 30)

Stun Hit icon

Stun Hit - Reduces foe's (current) HP by 25% and (current) mana by 50%. (Level 60)

Twister icon

Twister - Each time a foe hits you, he loses 2% of his (current) life. (Level 100)

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2.3. Pets

Some monsters or human-like characters can happen to follow you as pets, either by paying for them (with ingame gold or real money) or by solving quests.     

Pets context menu

Red minus: pet dies and leaves you forever. Red hand: pet stands still. Whip: pet moves out of the way

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3. Game interface

3.1 Game screen and picking up items

Here is an example of a game screen:                      

An example of FT screen


Upper left corner of FT screen

Upper left corner of screen

The mini map shows friends and foes and also other units, such as buildings, stairs or special points.

The zooming symbols can be used to adjust your screen.

The red cross button can be used to clear all displayed items on your screen at once.

About items at top of screen

If you kill a monster or loot a treasure chest, the items are displayed on your screen. Click at them to add them to your inventory.

If you delete an item from your backpack, you can pick it up again from the screen.

After a certain time, items vanish from your screen and are lost forever. These items are also lost, if you click the red cross button, described above.

Upper right corner of FT screen

Upper right corner of screen

The handshake (often also referred to as contacts) symbol opens your contact, clan and skills menu.

The backpack symbol opens your backpack, where your items are stored.

The chat symbol opens a chat line, so you can speak to all surrounding you or use a chat command.

The message symbol contains (here: 2) messages, that have been sent to you.

The book symbol opens your quest book, so you see which quests are open.

Bottom right corner of FT screen

Bottom right corner of screen

The big button is the attack button (here: sword symbol).

There are several smaller buttons around the attack button, if you have magical scrolls, potions or skills.

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3.2. Character context menu


At a click to a player’s avatar, the Character context menu is displayed:

Character context menu


Ask for friendship iconSends an invitation to add character to friend's list.

Invite in clan iconSends invitation to add character to your clan. It will appear only if your clan rank allows you to invite players (See CLAN RANKS), and if the character both has 500k gold at least in their bag and reached level 10.

Target character iconSelects character as enemy to be able to attack him. If you are targeted by a player and log out, you will stay in game for 11 seconds.

Display info iconDisplays information about selected character: clan, name, level and equipped gears.

Whisper to player iconWrite a private chat text (whisper) that will be visible only to  the selected player. This is shown as green text in chat.

Trade to player iconOpens trade menu: you can select items from your backpack and sell them to other players.

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3.3. Monster context menu

At a click to a monster’s avatar, the Monster context menu is displayed:

Monsters context menu


Target monster icon

Selects monster as target. If you are targeted by a monster and log out, you will stay in game for 11 seconds.

Display info icon

Displays information about selected monster, including its level (you should be able to kill monsters of your own level and below).

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3.4 Interaction with NPCs and quests

While traveling around the Forgotten Tales lands, you’ll encounter a number of NPCs (Non Playing Characters). They populate villages, cities and open lands, and are often in need for your help or willing to assign you challenging tasks. Some of them are able to craft very special items!

Two NPCs ready to talk with you

Click on NPCs with a blue ? above their head to start a conversation and discover what’s on their mind. This will often lead you to start a quest, and gain XP, gold, information or items by solving it.

A quest text window

You can browse your active quests clicking on your Book of Quests icon, in top right corner of your screen.

Your character’s Book of Quests icon

More information on quests can be found in Walkthough forum section.

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4. Skills and trade affinity

FT characters can chop wood, mine ores, fish, craft items, build structures and siege enemy bases. They are more or less efficient with these skills - often referred to as trades - depending on their class.

As an example, mages and fairies are better builders than ogres, while ogres are better fishers than archers.

Trade ability is due to different value for trade modifier field in skills formulas.

Each class has two trades that are more natural and easy (modifier value greater than 1), two that are more difficult and taxing (modifier value lesser than 1), and two normal (modifier value 1). An overall scheme for trade affinities is available here: Skills and trade affinities: timing and tables.

All skills start at level 0 and can be trained (see formulas) so to improve characters performances. You can see your character’s skills level clicking the blue-headed hammer in your ingame Handshaking menu. They will be visible as soon as you first perform them.


Woodcutting skill icon Your woodcutting level

Mining skill icon Your mining level

Crafting skill icon Your crafting level

Fishing skill icon Your fishing level

Sieging skill icon Your sieging level

Building skill icon Your building level

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4.1. Woodcutting and mining

In Forgotten Tales you might sometimes need trunks, ores or stones: they can be necessary for quest solving, or they can be used to craft new items.

You need to buy a wood axe and a pickaxe at the blacksmith's shop. You can also craft better tools at clan temples or in private houses.

Woodcutting. With the wood axe in your inventory, click on any tree to start woodcutting. After some time, you will get a trunk. This time will decrease as soon as you level up your woodcutting skill or use a better tool.

When a tree has produced many trunks, it’s eventually used up, and it needs some time to grow again. If you need more trunks, you’ll have to look for another tree. Trees in clan maps are eternal.

Mining. To mine, locate a source for the resource you need (this often includes entering a dungeon):                

Gold, Diamond, Mithril, Iron, Carbon, Stone, Platinum and Ruby typical minefields

From left to right: Gold, Diamond, Mithril, Iron, Carbon, Stone, Platinum and Ruby sources


Walk close to one of them, click on it with a pickaxe in your inventory and you can start mining them.

After some time, you will get a piece of the resource. This time will decrease as soon as you level up your mining skill or use a better tool.         

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4.2. Crafting

Many items, like gears or potions, can be obtained by crafting them.

There are four ways to craft items in Forgotten Tales:

The blacksmithThe witch

For crafting, mining and woodcutting can be needed to gather crafting resources.

After collecting all ingredients, you can craft them, or at least try to: many items are difficult to craft and you might need a number of attempts before obtaining your result. Bright side is, each crafting failure will contribute in building up your crafting skill and so increase your chances of success. 

A page of crafting possibilities

In the first column, there are items which can be created. In the next column, you can see required elements. The number on the blue arrow shows the %-chance for a successful craft.               

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4.3. Fishing

You can fish in rivers and lakes and get normal or rare fish, and sometimes, items. You need a fishing rod for this, which you can buy in the shop close to the bank.

Better rods can be crafted in a clan temple or in private houses. You obtain a fish (or sometimes an item) after some time; a time that will decrease as soon as your fishing skill will level up.

All possible fishing spots have same chances on items fishing.

The gear items you can happen to fish can be in a level range defined depending on your level, and anyway never higher than level 499.

The fishing skill level does not affect items drop chance or level. It only affects the rate at which you catch the fish/items. Since some classes are faster at fishing, they only get more chances to catch items in a time unit.

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4.4. Skills formulas

When you first start using a skill (such as woodcutting or fishing), you get a drop after a certain time. Depending on the skill level, and on the tool you use, this time is going to decrease.

You can check your skills level by clicking on hammer icon in your handshake game menu.

To a better understanding on how time will vary, read Skills and trade affinities: timing and tables

You get higher skill by simply working.                      


Formula for skill XP is:


5 * work_ratio * 2^(level+1)


For felling, mining, and building work ratio is 5, for fishing it is 2, for sieging is 50.


For crafting you get XP every time you fail. The formula is:


XP = 1000 - 10 * craft_chance


For example for crafting planks you have chance 70% so every time you fail you get 1000 - 700 = 300 XP.

Each level in crafting gives you +3% * Trade affinity craft chance. 

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5. Interaction with other players

Forgotten Tales is a social game.

You don’t need to use the social features it offers - such as in-game chat or private messages (PMs) on forum - to enjoy the game, but we think this is a big part of what makes the game more fun and interesting.

FT community is widely international: there are players from all around the world. This has many advantages and is exciting - on the other hand, there is occasionally a cultural or language barrier.

Any offensive, cursing, insulting, racist, sexist, sexual or any other form of offensive language to any group or individual, whether race or gender, nationality or religion, will be considered as chat abuse and the player will be punished. This also extends to offensive clan names or character names. Read more about that in Game Rules post.

In order to fully enjoy the social aspects of the game, it’s important you know how to use game chat and how to interact with other players. The following sections aim to give you the basics on that.

5.1. Meaning of name and chat colors

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5.2. Chat commands

Besides using the chat for normal chat, you can enter some useful commands. For many of them we have also buttons, but sometimes, a command is faster to perform.


A more detailed explanation of these commands is available on a dedicated post on FT forum.

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5.3. Muted players

Being muted is a punishment for abusing chat. If you ever feel insulted, report it to a gamemaster (GM). They will check logs and punish the abuser, if needed.


Details on the mute system structure is found on a dedicated post on FT forum.

Read also the game rules on forum for details!                    

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5.4. PvP (Player fighting a Player) and outlaws

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6. Clans

A clan is a group of players aiming to play together and sharing certain features and goals, such as constructing a base composed by buildings like castles and farms, sharing the storage these buildings provide, and using an ingame chat line visible only to clan members on the whole FT world. This clan chat is visible in orange text. It is used with the /c command (see chat line commands).

Please note: there is no PvP protection for clan members. This means, that if you're in a clan, any player in another clan can attack you, regardless of level.

In order to join a clan you need level 10 at least and pay a contribution of 500k gold to the clan treasury.

In order to create your own clan you need level 20 at least and add 1 million gold to the clan treasury . There is no way to withdraw money from the clan treasury.

In order to leave a clan: click the Contacts menu (handshake icon), select the clan tab, and select the rank hat icon next to your name to get the option to remove from clan.

Clan members are listed in clan page (inside handshake game menu), each of them has a personal popup window containing info and allowing sending a message. In here it’s possible to see how long the character has been in clan (Loyalty), the gold they donated (Donations) and their contribution to building structures (Workload).

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6.1. Clan ranking

Duke hat icon

DUKE - The creator and owner of the clan. If they leave the clan, the first Lord in members list becomes DUKE. Dukes have a "[D]" behind their names.

Lord hat icon

LORD - Can be promoted/demoted/expelled only by DUKE. Lords have a "[L]" behind their names.

Marshal hat icon

MARSHAL - Can be promoted/demoted/expelled by DUKE and LORD. Marshals have a "[M]" behind their names.

Member hat icon

MEMBER - Clan members can be added and expelled by DUKE, LORD and MARSHAL.

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6.2. Clan things to know

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6.3. Clan building context menu

At a click to a building of your clan, the building context menu is displayed:

A clan structure context menu

This menu may vary depending on your clan rank; as an example, only Duke and Lords will see the Sell button. Menu will also vary depending on building being under upgrade or repair.              

Sell Structure icon

Sell clan Structure - selling returns 75% of gold, but no materials. Items stored in sold building are lost. Once a building is sold, there is no way back. If you change your mind, you have to build it again from its level 0.

Upgrade Structure icon

Upgrade Clan Structure - upgrading requires gold and materials.

Open Structure Storage icon

Open Storage Window - some clan buildings can store a certain amount of items! Buildings storage is shared: all clan members can access it to put in or pick up items.

Open Crafting Window icon

Open Crafting Window - high level items can be crafted only in clan buildings or in private houses. The list of craftable items depends on the building.

Display Structure Info icon

Displays information about the selected building. If you click on an enemy clan building, you will only see an attack button and the attack range of that building. Allied clan buildings do not show this range.

Create Guards icon

Only for barracks: allows guards creation                     

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6.4. Clan buildings and building skill

To build a clan structure, you need:

Select the building you aim to construct in clan structures menu (a hammer icon in your clan page inside handshake game menu), move around the space-occupying-preview until it fits your intent, and click its green check to start construction.

The structure is placed, its level set to 0. It’s not working yet: you can’t access its storage nor can it fight. You must complete it first.

Stand close to it, and click it; be sure you have in your bag a hammer and requested resources. More characters can work together to complete a structure faster, provided they are in the same clan, carry a hammer, and necessary resources in their bags.

Your building speed depends on your building (hammer) skill, which can level up as other skills. Better hammer tools will increase speed as well. Some classes are faster at building than others.

For each resource you hammer into a clan structure, your clan workload status increases.

Once they are built, buildings can be upgraded. You need an axe and a pickaxe to get the needed planks and stones. To work at an upgrade, you need a hammer.


Updated information on each building stats can be read in Clan buildings tech data forum post.


CastleCastle. Allows storage and crafting, can fire at your enemies

Big CastleBig Castle. Allows storage and crafting, can fire at your enemies

Round TowerRound Tower. Allows storage and crafting, can fire at your enemies

Square TowerSquare Tower. Allows storage and crafting, can fire at your enemies

FarmFarm. Allows storage, automatically adds gold in clan treasury

BlacksmithBlacksmith. Allows crafting

TempleTemple. Allows crafting

BarracksBarracks. Allows storage, can be used to create clan guards

Wall sectionWall. Closes passage: monsters, guards, characters cannot walk over it

GateGate. Closes passage: monsters and guards cannot walk over it. Characters in its clan and in allied clans can walk through

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6.5. Siege skill

Clan defence buildings allow two siege machineries crafting: ballistas and catapults.

They follow characters as pets and in so follow main pets mechanics: you can’t own more that two of them, and you need to have no pets or just one pet in order to craft a siege machine, or no pets in order to craft two.

Once you have at least one siege machine, you can siege enemies buildings.

A balistaBalista: short range (8) siege weapon - uses arrows, has infinite ammo.

A catapultCatapult: long range (12) siege weapon - needs stone missiles to shoot. Has relatively low HP, will easily die from a levelled tower castle.


Ballistas and catapults differ on their range and on the number and kind of missiles or arrows they can use. Their damage depends only on the owner’s character class; basic damage is 1557. For a swordsman it is 150% of that value, for an archer 100%, for a dwarf 75%, for an ogre 125%, and for a mage 50%, as described in the Skills and trade affinities: timing and tables post in forum.

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7. World map

FT world is composed by a series of maps, which can be walked through, or navigated to.

You enter the world in a special map, often referred to as spawn map, start map, or map 0, which is the center (0, 0) of the FT world coordinate system. In this starting map and in the one below it (that map being (0, -1)), PvP is not allowed and you don’t risk being attacked by other players.

You can have an in-game overview of the world map clicking on the minimap in upper left corner of your screen. Click the windrose (also called compass) of the world map to toggle on/off maps grid and coordinates.

Read World Map and main Points of Interest in FT forum for more detailed info and images of the world map.

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8. Stats & formulas (advanced)

In this section, all stats are explained more detailed. This might be helpful to build your character, but it can also confuse you.

To enjoy the game, it is not needed to understand everything here. But we want to be transparent with our game mechanics :)


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9. In-game buying


You need Google Wallet for this!


WARNING: Never give your password away, because others want to buy stuff for you. It is not needed, it might be an account stealing attempt.


Purchases through other players are at your own risk. You will not be given things by the GM team if you are scammed in any way. It is advised, that you thoroughly read this post on the matter.


PLEASE NOTE: sometimes purchases can take up to 24 hours to be effective. Details about this, and what to do if you don’t receive your purchase, can be found in the General Information forum, in delays after level purchases post.           


You do not have to buy anything to enjoy Forgotten Tales. Truth be told, we are happy if you buy something, even if it is only a single item.


Game development costs hundreds of hours and also the server has monthly expenses.


All purchases are character-related: they will appear in the backpack of the character named in the login field at the time of purchase.
Please remember character names are case sensitive, so be sure you spell the name correctly.

A character can carry in the backpack, or store in bank or houses as many purchased items as they wish (given there is enough space in the storage). The single item activation, will depend on the character situation. As an example, if the character already owns two pets, cannot activate a third one.


You can buy several items, described in detail in the following sections.


Purchasable items

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9.1 Pets

You can have up to two special pets: they can be chosen from a set of monsters up to half your character level. As an example, if your character level is 103, you can have as a special pet any monster up to level 51.

When you buy a pet, the pet will appear in your bag. If you activate the item, you’ll be displayed the list of available ones.

In this list, you can view stats by clicking the monsters icons, and can confirm the activation of the one you select.

Be certain to select the right pet, because you won’t have it changed after activating it.

A character can’t own more than two pets, thus if your character already owns pets, you need to remove one them before activating a new one.

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9.2 Levels and gold

You can buy gold and 1, 10 or 100 extra levels for a character. After activating the levels, remember to allocate the additional stat points.

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9.3. Skins and special skins

Buy a skin to personalise your character. There are many skins available for each class, please read the post about purchasable skins (Overview of purchasable skins) on the FT forum to view the updated list.

To buy a skin, click on the “Skin" button in the game app purchase page, make the purchase, then log in: the special skin item will appear in your backpack as soon as the purchase takes effect. When activating the special skin item, you’ll be shown a list of available skins. Click on the one of your choice and your character will have the new skin. Be careful when choosing your skin; if you change your mind, you will need to activate another purchased skin. Purchased skins will not be changed by GMs.

You may also apply for a special skin, for reaching high levels (minimum level 1500). These levels may be purchased, but are not required. You may also earn a special skin, in various ways. Details on special skin rules is found below Game rules.

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9.4 PvP protection

In case you don’t appreciate the combat aspect of FT, you can buy and activate the PvP protection. No one will be able to attack you for 7 days. Beware: the protection is not going to work if you are clanned or outlaw, if you enter a clan map, or if you attack first.

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9.5 Extra bag

Each character begins their adventures with a bag that has 20 slots of space. Buy and activate an extra pack to gain 20 more slots, forever. You can activate just one extra bag for each character.

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9.6 Bank Expansion

Each character can have access to 20 slots of space storages (directly or thanks to certain quests solving), such as at the Bank in map -1.1. Buy and activate a Bank Expansion to gain 20 more slots, forever, in each of the storages (private houses not included). You can activate as many Bank Expansions as you want.

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9.7 Items sets

By buying the best full gear set, you’ll find in your character’s bag a full gear set composed of the best possible items for each gear slot available for your character’s class (as an example, mages and archers are not given a shield). Maximum level for items in this purchasable set is 100.
All items in the set are normal ones, no +1 nor +2 are included.

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9.8. Private houses

You can buy your own private house (or houses, if you want more than one of them) for storage, crafting and pet parking.
The house will display your name when clicked.

You can select and buy as your own house any house, hut, shack, tower, castle, church or building you encounter in the FT world, with the exception of already purchased ones, shops, buildings in use for quests (existing or intended) and interactive or animated elements, such minefields or mills (the blades animation isn’t compatible with private houses menu). You can also buy as a house other landmarks, such as trees, carts, and graves.

Your house:


How to buy a private house:

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10. Forum and webpages

On the official FT forum, besides a lot of information, you will find GMs, admins and many experienced players, who are willing to help you. Create your forum account and get involved!  

We also have a facebook group, If you have a facebook account, you can apply to join here: ForgottenTalesMMORPG.

On these sites, you may request or offer help, buy and sell items/gear, make new friends, or simply chat. Please note, account buying/selling/trading is forbidden on these sites.

Visit our webpage!                 

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11. Offline version of Forgotten Tales

Forgotten Tales can also be played in an offline version (often referred to as RPG version), which can be found here on Google Play.

In offline version, you play alone, unless you’re able to locate some NPC characters that might be willing to join your party. They will walk around FT world with you, help you fight monsters, and level up as well.                

For further infos about the offline game, visit our RPG webpage!                

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12. Storyline of Forgotten Tales

Read the amazing background story, which will help you better understand the FT world and enjoy your questing experience!

Why did you lose your memory? Why are so many monsters around? Who are you? These and more questions will find an answer by reading this story!                       

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